From beautiful beginnings, roll it all butter pastry

My earliest memories of baking are of Saturdays at home in my Mother's kitchen where the afternoon was devoted to the baking of sweet delicacies that filled the house with the aroma of home baking, providing us with tasty treats for the week ahead.

I can still savour the warm aroma of the kitchen which evokes many happy memories for me. In many ways, those Saturday's were the inspiration for me to create Roll It.

While Mum baked I happily licked spoons while pleading for pastry cut offs to make my own jam tarts. My memories of this special time baking together are so evocative that I simply had to include a special section for all Mums, to share some of my delight and help create special memories for you too. Take a look at our Children's Bake & Do Section .
I promise hours of content, happy children and many, many wonderful memories!

My Mother's Kenwood mixer is now nearing its 50th year but it does not seem that long ago since it took centre stage in our Saturday baking emporium. Fortunately, my Mother passed on to me not only her Kenwood Mixer but also her great love of baking and I still use her old reliable Kenwood here in Crossakiel. It has made many, many pounds of Roll it Pastry.

Now I too have my own daughter, Olivia, who loves to roll out my pastry cut offs to make her own Jam Tarts. I really hope she also inherits my love for baking and cooking and that she will have many memories to treasures of baking with her Mum, in the same way that I do.

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